Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Name Tags

Kappa Kappa Gamma Key Shaped Name TagWe have been very blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to work with many Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapters on name tag projects. Most chapters tend to go with the key shaped name tag with the black lettering and detailing. They finish their sorority badges with a magnetic backing. This allows the wearer to attach the tag without punching a hole in their clothing. The key shaped name tag is available in a variety of colors and sizes, or you may choose a custom design especially for your chapter.

Kappa Kappa Gamma Name Tag Greek LettersKappa Kappa Gamma is a fantastic organization that any young woman would benefit from being a member. The organization was founded in 1870 at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. Kappa currently has a membership of over 240,00 women with 138 collegiate chapters. One of the unique things about Kappa Kappa Gamma is that it is a “fraternity” because it was founded prior to the word “sorority” came into use.

Kappa Kappa Gamma Name Tag With CrestKappa Kappa Gamma supports Reading is Fundamental as their national philanthropy. RIF promotes literacy in children and provides a much needed service in various communities. Kappa Kappa Gamma chapters are also involved with various charities and organizations in each chapters local community. They provide  invaluable contributions of time and money for these worthwhile organizations and provide much needed support for the various activities.

Name-tags.net is officially licensed to provide products to the various Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapters throughout the US. Our specialty is sorority name tags however we also provide a variety of awards and recognition items for these chapters. So if a need for our services arises please give us a call – we would love to hear from you.

Staff name tags…where do you start?

staff name tags

OK so the boss tells you “We need staff name tags – and we needed them yesterday!” What do you do? Where do you start? What type do you need? What do they cost? How fast can I receive them? Lots of questions and not many answers – so what do you do?

Business name tags

Well you could go to your print shop or big box office supply store…good luck there. No, those are fine places to go if you want to overpay, wait for weeks for your badges, and deal with someone who knows absolutely nothing about name tags. If you needed printing or office supplies you would you go to a person that makes name tags?  So the first place is to find someone who makes professional name tags – like name-tags.net. The professionals at name-tags.net know all the questions that should be asked in order to make sure you receive the right product for your application.

Custom Staff  Name Tags

Next, what style of name tag do you need? Style choice depends on the environment the name tag will be used. If the tags are for lawyers, executives, professional people the generally accepted name tag is the metal name tag or an executive name tag. This type tag features a more upscale appearance with the brushed metal finish. For the medical profession most clients tend to go with the engraved plastic name tags. These tags provide years of wear and feature a more muted appearance that blends nicely with scrubs or office attire. The name tags in color tend to be for general businesses or clubs and organizations. And for those companies with a high turnover in employees a reusable name tag is just the ticket.


The last item to concern yourself with is the backing. For most name tags the magnetic backing is the only choice. This allows the wearer to attach the badge without punching a hole in their garment. For instances where that is not a problem a standard pin backing is fine.


So call a name tag professional when you need name tags and badges, you will be glad you did.

Sorority Name Tag Providers…what to look for

Crown Name Tag

Five Pointed Crown For Zeta Tau Alpha

So you need name tags for your sorority and you do not know where to start. We lucky for you we are here to help!

Ordering name tags for your chapter should be easy and uncomplicated. However when you start shopping you will find that the process is a bit more difficult. The best place to start is with a professional name tag manufacturer such as name-tags.net. We specialize in producing name tags for sororities throughout the U.S. We understand the nuances of ordering name tags and the challenges that you face. If you choose a big box store such as Office Depot or some reseller, you open yourself up for all manners of trouble. By choosing an actual manufacturer should any problems arise in production they can help you on the spot, instead of having to wait for the tags to arrive at their store.

Another thing to consider is selection. What do they offer? Can they produce custom designs? Custom Shapes? Custom Colors? Name-tags.net offers a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your unique needs. Custom shapes, colors and designs are never a problem and are very affordable. Click here to view their selection.

What about reordering the sorority tags when you have new members? Good luck with your reorder from Staples. We keep all customers artwork and job descriptions on file to make reorders, quick easy and accurate. This simplifies ordering badges each and every year regardless of who places the order with your sorority.

In a rush – forget it with a big company. Name-tags has one day shipping, no extra. So even if you need a last minute tag there is never a problem.

So you see it is always best to go with a officially licensed sorority name tag company.


Sorority name tags with a twist

Sorority Name Tag Cute

Most sorority name tags are boring, there I said it.

The same old engraved name tag with greek lettering, or even worse just the persons name on the name tag. Some chapters even resort to home made name tag which can be cute however they are not very durable. How about a cute jazzy color sorority name tag – sounds good doesn’t it.

Phi Mu Name Tag

The latest craze is animal print name tags for sorority chapters. These badges are digitally imprinted with an animal print of your choice in full color, and of course the sorority members name is also imprinted on the tag. Very cute unique and definitely not boring! We finish these name tags with a magnetic attachment which allows the name tag to adhere to your clothing without punching a hole in your shirt or dress. The badge is a durable 1/16 inch thick plastic which will give you several years which adds to the value of the name tag.

The animal print sorority name tags are quite affordable so a chapter could purchase several versions for the chapter members. Each fully customizable in color shape to fit a theme or special event.

Alpha Xi Delta Name Tag

If you really want to stretch your  imagination our custom shape name tags are extremely cool. 5 pointed crowns, Key shaped name tags, Anchors, Bears, Owls if you can think up the custom shape we can cut it and print it for you. All custom shaped name tags are composed of a durable plastic and can be either engraved or digitally imprinted with your unique graphic.

The final great thing about these unique name tags is you do not have to purchase these badges in a large quantity. You may order as few as one and production time is just 1 to 2 days for most orders. We keep all designs on file so filling your order year to year is a snap.

Pi Beta Phi Arrow Name Tag

Name-tags is your source for cute unique sorority name tags.

Convention name tags – the uncoventional choice

Custom Shaped Convention Name Tag

So you arrive at the convention and of course one of the first orders of business is to pick up your name tag. Here we go the same old crappy clear plastic name tag with the paper insert. Why you might as well hand our sticky labels and crayons! Step into the 21st century people…there are other – better options for your convention name tags.

Convention Name Tag

How about a nice plastic name tag printed in full color with you company logo or convention them? Sounds good doesn’t it?? With the changes in digital printing (remember having to take your file to be developed – probably not if you are under 25) it is possible to create unique, full color, beautiful name tags at very attractive prices. This type name tag is composed of a .040 inch plastic with a white surface that can be imprinted in any color, along with your graphic and text in multiple colors. This type badge will add a touch of class and prestige to your special event – and isn’t that one of the things you are trying to do? The more upscale conventions tend to imprint the attendee’s names on the tags but also have a few on hand with only the event printed on the badge and a space left to personalize on site. This allows for a bit of flexibility as well as accommodating those last minute additions.

window badge 2

Another version of the convention name tag is the window name tag. Awesome name tag that features full color digital graphics with an insert card for the attendee’s name. Personalize on site or ahead of time. Once the convention is over if you have any left over and choose to do so, you can reuse the tags the following year.

So you see there are a few options, add a magnetic backing to your convention name tags and you have a sure fire winner! No more pins or clunky lanyards…Please!

Custom name tags – easier and more affordable than you think.

Sigma Kappa Color Name Tag

In years past creating a custom name tag with your logo or special design posed several problems. If you wanted multiple colors you had to purchase in a large volume to receive a decent price point. If you wanted a special shape there were always high set up fees. If you want custom lettering…more high cost. Well as they say times have changed.

Custom name tags are now easier than ever to produce. With today’s modern printing technology full color name tags are easy to produce and very affordable. You can order as few as one name tag and have it custom printed to your specifications – without breaking the bank. Complex logos, fine line lettering even photos are easy to print on durable custom name tags.

Chi Omega Owl Shaped Name Tag

Custom shapes are also easy to produce. By using our laser engraver or computerized router special shapes are easily cutout to add a uniqueness to your name tags. Once the shape is cut the tag is then either laser engraved or digitally imprinted with your custom design. Custom shapes are available in a small quantities without ridiculous set up fees. All you need to start with is 10 pieces and you can have a custom shaped name tag to your specifications.

So as you can see when it comes to custom name tags you have quite a few options that are easily affordable. Small initial orders, multicolor imprinting,low cost set up fees and no minimums on reorders – and the badges are ready in as little as one day. Custom have never been so easy.

Why does ordering name tags have to be difficult?

Life gets easier everyday doesn’t it? Smart phones, Video chat, Email, Streaming movies all the modern conveniences at our finger tips. We as so so smart these days, so why do companies make it so darn difficult to order their products.

Use our online name tag designer, fill out this form, jump through this hoop – what a load of carp. Heck most clients have no actual idea of what type of name tags or badges are available. Do you need a metal name tag or a plastic name tag? What is the difference between a magnetic backing and a pin backing? When will my order arrive? When you need to order your name tags or badges you want that task to be an easy process.

We assume you currently have a job, and unless you are in my business that job is not designing name tags! When I go to the auto repair shop they don’t hand me the tools and say ” OK repair your car and pay us when you are through”. We feel it is our job to help you as much as possible. Some clients want minimum contact and want to do all the work – we are fine with that. We are prepared to do as little or as much as you need to make sure your name tags are produced exactly the way you want. Our preference is that you let us handle all the work., that is what you are paying for anyway.

Modern technology is fantastic, the online world is great, but sometime people and companies try so hard to make life easier, all they do is make if complicated. We make ordering name tags and badges easy – the way it should be.

Magnetic name tags save the world!

Not really, sorry just getting your attention. However magnetic name tags are a fantastic product, happier now?

For years and years people have been destroying nice looking clothes by piercing with a stick pin when they attach their name tags. STOP IT! You no longer have to suffer this process.

A magnetic name tag works like this; the name tag has a steel bar that is affixed to the badge itself. There is a second part that has three little magnets affixed to separate metal bar. You simply place the magnetic part behind your clothes and inline with the metal bar on your name tag that is on the outside of your clothes, and the badge holds securely  through your clothing. The magnets are quite strong and will hold through most suite jackets, sweaters and a wide variety of shirts, all without punching a single hole in your clothing. Doesn’t that sound more civilized than skewering your clothing every time you want to wear your name tag?

Any type badge we offer comes with the pin backing standard but you may elect to purchase your badge with a magnetic backing. The additional fee is minimal and well worth the money spent.

The only problem we have ever experienced with this type badge is the magnet is too strong and people have a difficult time separating the two pieces. This can easily be remedied by simply pushing the magnet off the edge of the badge which breaks the magnetic field and the two pieces separate quite easily.

So step into the 21st century and the next time you order name tags order magnetic backings. Pin backed name tags are like dial up internet access – not bad when it was all we had but why not go with the new and improved.

Kappa Delta – Friendship, Fellowship and Sisterly Love

Through the years we have been fortunate to design various sorority name tags for Kappa Delta chapters throughout the US. Most chapters prefer the plastic name tags as they are easy to shape into custom designs such as teddy bears or turtles. However we do offer the metal name tags with the national sorority crest imprinted in full color. The magnetic backing is the favorite of most clients as the backing does not punch a hole in your clothing when applying the badge. The standard pin backing is available upon request however most clients do not find this type of fastener as appealing as the magnetic backing.

The Kappa Delta Sorority was founded at the State Female Normal School located in Farmville, Virginia in 1897. With over 230,000 members it is the largest sorority in the National Panhellenic Conference group. Kappa Delta was founded on the beliefs of friendship, fellowship, and sisterly love.The women of Kappa Delta are very active in the community and have adopted Prevent Child Abuse America, Girle Scouts of the USA and Children’s Hospital of Richmond Virginia as their philanthropy.

Kappa Delta sorority is an outstanding organization. Any young woman would be greatly enriched if they were a member of such a great organization. If you are interested in becoming a member please visit their website to locate a chapter near you. www.kappadleta.org

We are officially licensed to produce name tags for Kappa Delta Sororities and invite all chapters to contact us if they have any needs that we may serve.

Sigma Kappa – A big heart…

We are very fortunate to work with a great many Sigma Kappa sororities for their name tag projects. A large majority chooses the dove or heart shaped name tag with the Sigma Kappa logo printed in full color. We also provide engraved name tags with the sigma kappa Greek letters and metal name tags with the sorority crest. Most badges have the magnetic backing which allows the wearer to attach the badge without damaging their clothing.

Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College in Waterville, Maine November 9, 1874. The purpose of Sigma Kappa is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities. Their colors are Maroon and Lavender with their symbol being the Dove or Heart. Sigma Kappa’s has multiple philanthropy’s, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology research, Maine Sea Coast Mission and the Sigma Kappa foundation.

Sigma Kappa sorority is an outstanding sorority that does fantastic work in the community. Any young woman would be greatly enriched if they were allowed to join this organization. If you are interested in becoming a member or this awesome organization please visit their website to locate a chapter near you. www.sigmakappa.org

We are officially licensed to produce name tags for the various chapters of Sigma Kappa throughout the US and invite all chapters to contact us if they have any needs that we may serve.