Staff name tags…where do you start?

staff name tags

OK so the boss tells you “We need staff name tags – and we needed them yesterday!” What do you do? Where do you start? What type do you need? What do they cost? How fast can I receive them? Lots of questions and not many answers – so what do you do?

Business name tags

Well you could go to your print shop or big box office supply store…good luck there. No, those are fine places to go if you want to overpay, wait for weeks for your badges, and deal with someone who knows absolutely nothing about name tags. If you needed printing or office supplies you would you go to a person that makes name tags?  So the first place is to find someone who makes professional name tags – like The professionals at know all the questions that should be asked in order to make sure you receive the right product for your application.

Custom Staff  Name Tags

Next, what style of name tag do you need? Style choice depends on the environment the name tag will be used. If the tags are for lawyers, executives, professional people the generally accepted name tag is the metal name tag or an executive name tag. This type tag features a more upscale appearance with the brushed metal finish. For the medical profession most clients tend to go with the engraved plastic name tags. These tags provide years of wear and feature a more muted appearance that blends nicely with scrubs or office attire. The name tags in color tend to be for general businesses or clubs and organizations. And for those companies with a high turnover in employees a reusable name tag is just the ticket.


The last item to concern yourself with is the backing. For most name tags the magnetic backing is the only choice. This allows the wearer to attach the badge without punching a hole in their garment. For instances where that is not a problem a standard pin backing is fine.


So call a name tag professional when you need name tags and badges, you will be glad you did.

Convention name tags – the uncoventional choice

Custom Shaped Convention Name Tag

So you arrive at the convention and of course one of the first orders of business is to pick up your name tag. Here we go the same old crappy clear plastic name tag with the paper insert. Why you might as well hand our sticky labels and crayons! Step into the 21st century people…there are other – better options for your convention name tags.

Convention Name Tag

How about a nice plastic name tag printed in full color with you company logo or convention them? Sounds good doesn’t it?? With the changes in digital printing (remember having to take your file to be developed – probably not if you are under 25) it is possible to create unique, full color, beautiful name tags at very attractive prices. This type name tag is composed of a .040 inch plastic with a white surface that can be imprinted in any color, along with your graphic and text in multiple colors. This type badge will add a touch of class and prestige to your special event – and isn’t that one of the things you are trying to do? The more upscale conventions tend to imprint the attendee’s names on the tags but also have a few on hand with only the event printed on the badge and a space left to personalize on site. This allows for a bit of flexibility as well as accommodating those last minute additions.

window badge 2

Another version of the convention name tag is the window name tag. Awesome name tag that features full color digital graphics with an insert card for the attendee’s name. Personalize on site or ahead of time. Once the convention is over if you have any left over and choose to do so, you can reuse the tags the following year.

So you see there are a few options, add a magnetic backing to your convention name tags and you have a sure fire winner! No more pins or clunky lanyards…Please!

Why does ordering name tags have to be difficult?

Life gets easier everyday doesn’t it? Smart phones, Video chat, Email, Streaming movies all the modern conveniences at our finger tips. We as so so smart these days, so why do companies make it so darn difficult to order their products.

Use our online name tag designer, fill out this form, jump through this hoop – what a load of carp. Heck most clients have no actual idea of what type of name tags or badges are available. Do you need a metal name tag or a plastic name tag? What is the difference between a magnetic backing and a pin backing? When will my order arrive? When you need to order your name tags or badges you want that task to be an easy process.

We assume you currently have a job, and unless you are in my business that job is not designing name tags! When I go to the auto repair shop they don’t hand me the tools and say ” OK repair your car and pay us when you are through”. We feel it is our job to help you as much as possible. Some clients want minimum contact and want to do all the work – we are fine with that. We are prepared to do as little or as much as you need to make sure your name tags are produced exactly the way you want. Our preference is that you let us handle all the work., that is what you are paying for anyway.

Modern technology is fantastic, the online world is great, but sometime people and companies try so hard to make life easier, all they do is make if complicated. We make ordering name tags and badges easy – the way it should be.

Cute and Unique Sorority Name Tags


Sorority Name Tag Cute

Cute Sorority Name Tag With Stripes

We seem to field quite a few phone calls from people looking for cute, different name tags for their sorority. Everyone seems to be tired of the same old name tags and badges with engraved Greek letters and the persons name. Guess what??? We are too!

That is precisely why we have developed so many cute custom shaped and custom color name tags and badge for our sorority clients. Anchor shapes, Crown shapes, Bears, Doves, Arrows you name it and we cut it out and print it. Even custom cut abstract designs are not a problem. If you can dream it – we can print it!

One of the latest trends is the animal print name tags with zebra stripes or leopard spots, really cool and really really cute, perfect for your sorority! You have the option to choose a variety of colors and shapes for these name tags – so JUST GO CRAZY! The wilder the better.

We are officially licensed to produce name tags and name badges for a majority of the sororities in the US. We have all the official seals, logos, letters and crest for your sorority name tags. We also understand the graphics standards for each organization and adhere to those to insure that your chapter is in accordance with the standards handed down from the national headquarters.

So the next time you need cute sorority name tags and badge – remember who to call – (888)754-8337. No one does it better

Magnetic name tags save the world!

Not really, sorry just getting your attention. However magnetic name tags are a fantastic product, happier now?

For years and years people have been destroying nice looking clothes by piercing with a stick pin when they attach their name tags. STOP IT! You no longer have to suffer this process.

A magnetic name tag works like this; the name tag has a steel bar that is affixed to the badge itself. There is a second part that has three little magnets affixed to separate metal bar. You simply place the magnetic part behind your clothes and inline with the metal bar on your name tag that is on the outside of your clothes, and the badge holds securely  through your clothing. The magnets are quite strong and will hold through most suite jackets, sweaters and a wide variety of shirts, all without punching a single hole in your clothing. Doesn’t that sound more civilized than skewering your clothing every time you want to wear your name tag?

Any type badge we offer comes with the pin backing standard but you may elect to purchase your badge with a magnetic backing. The additional fee is minimal and well worth the money spent.

The only problem we have ever experienced with this type badge is the magnet is too strong and people have a difficult time separating the two pieces. This can easily be remedied by simply pushing the magnet off the edge of the badge which breaks the magnetic field and the two pieces separate quite easily.

So step into the 21st century and the next time you order name tags order magnetic backings. Pin backed name tags are like dial up internet access – not bad when it was all we had but why not go with the new and improved.

Tri Delta Sorority – Greatness since 1891

Delta Delta Delta Sorority or otherwise know as Tri Delta is an international sorority founded in 1888 at Boston University. With over 200,000 members and alumnae this sorority is one of the largest in the world. Tri Delta is involved in local community activities as well as supporting children’s cancer charities as their philanthropy. Tri Delta partners with St. Jude Research Hospital on many children’s cancer projects in addition to utilizing their input to benefit their philanthropy efforts. Since 1999 Tri Delta has raised over $17 Million dollars for St. Jude.

We have been for very fortunate to work with these fine young women on some of their name tag projects. We have designed several unique shaped sorority name tags for various chapters. Each chapter seems to be unique in their choice of name tags. Some opt for the metal name tags with sorority crest while others go with the basic plastic tags with just the Greek letters and girls names. Most chapters tend to go with the magnet backing instead of the pin backing. The magnet backing does not punch a hole in the wearers clothing when attached.

Tri Delta sorority is a fantastic organization that helps to grow young girls into outstanding young women. The lessons learned from being a member and the friendships gained will last a lifetime. If you are interested in becoming a member please go to their web site at to find a chapter near you.

We are officially licensed to sell products with the various Tri Delta logos and insignias. If you need any assistance concerning any of our products please give us a call.

Phi Mu Sorority – Lending a helping hand

Phi Mu Sorority Name Tags

We are officially licensed to provide sorority name tags to the various chapters of the Phi Mu Sorority. Most chapters purchase the quatrefoil shaped name tag. The standard colors are white background with a red imprint for the Greek lettering and members names. However we have seen several chapters migrate to a silver metal look badge in the quatrefoil shape. We do offer a metal name tag with either the Rose Carnation imprinted or the official crest as an option for those not wanting the shape. Most chapters elect to go with the magnetic backing to reduce damage to the members clothing.

The Phi Mu sorority was founded March 4, 1852 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. The official colors are Rose and White. The symbol for the sorority is the quatrefoil and the official flower is the Rose Carnation. This sorority does great work through its philanthropy – “Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals”. The sorority is composed of 115 chapters with over 150,000 members. The national headquarters is located in Peachtree City, GA and the official web site is

The creed which each chapter member lives by is “To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand”. This is exhibited in their outstanding efforts in raising over $500,000 each year for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Any young woman who is attending college and joining a sorority should definitely entertain applying to the Phi Mu sorority. With their outstanding history and commitment to lending a hand in the community, membership would definitely benefit any young lady. To see if a chapter is available at the university you are attending please visit their web site for a chapter locater.

We are proud to produce sorority name tags for the various chapters of Phi Mu throughout the US and invite all chapters to contact us if they have any needs that we may serve.

Metal Name Tags – When you want a look of class

Metal Name Tag

Metal Name Tag

Metal Name Tags – When you want a look of class

Quite often I am asked “what is your nicest name tag?” And I always answer, “Why our metal name tags of course.” The look and feel of metal has a certain air of elegance about it. The muted color, the brushed grain and just the coolness of touch differentiate this name tag from standard plastic name tags.

Metal name tags are printed in the same manner as most plastic name tags. The image of your logo or special design is transferred into the surface of the color receptive metal. This is accomplished by using special heat inks, a heat platen and pressure. The results are a beautiful name tag imprinted with as many colors as you can dream up! The best part…wait for it…we can print one at a time without charging an arm and a leg.

We do have clients that request an engraved metal name tag. Well these days that is like asking for dial up internet. With advances in color technology the designs look much clear, crisper and more professional when the entire design including the names, are imprinted. Engraving is a fine line process that cuts into the surface of the metal and must be color filled to be readable. The end result is that the engraving and printing do not mesh seamlessly and hurts the appearance of the tag.

The metal name tags we offer are composed of .025 aluminum which is a light weight tag but yet yields a look of elegance that is hard to beat.  Also due to the lighter weight the tag lays on your clothes much better than the heaver brass tags.

So when you are ready to improve your professional image, we suggest picking up a fantastic metal name tag. Class never goes out of style.

Advantages and uses of Reusable name tags

When To Use Reusable Name Tags

reusable name tagreuseable name tag

Name tags are an important aspect to many activities; however, they can also be costly.  People rarely keep their name tags.  Instead, they are more likely to throw them away or leave them behind.  To minimize cost and waste, many people use reusable name tags.  These name tags are ideal for the following instances.

Company Meetings

Company meetings often utilize reusable name tags.  These meetings happen frequently and the guest list is always changing – especially for a large company with a lot of turn around.  Name tags help employees get to know everyone and are particularly beneficial for new hirers.  In addition, these name tags also help minimize expenses.

Corporate Events

Name tags are commonly used at many corporate events.  Regardless of the function, it is helpful to put a name to a face.  Those who plan multiple corporate events often take advantage of name tags that can be reused.  This not only cuts down on cost, but also is easier on the event day because the name tags do not need to be premade.


Finally, universities also prefer name tags that can be reused.  Many professors use them in their classrooms and reuse them with different students.  Name tags facilitate classroom discussions and also help students get to know each other.

Reusing name tags minimizes waste and benefits the environment.  They work well in a variety of situations including company meetings, corporate events, and in the classroom.