Sorority Name Tag Providers…what to look for

Crown Name Tag

Five Pointed Crown For Zeta Tau Alpha

So you need name tags for your sorority and you do not know where to start. We lucky for you we are here to help!

Ordering name tags for your chapter should be easy and uncomplicated. However when you start shopping you will find that the process is a bit more difficult. The best place to start is with a professional name tag manufacturer such as We specialize in producing name tags for sororities throughout the U.S. We understand the nuances of ordering name tags and the challenges that you face. If you choose a big box store such as Office Depot or some reseller, you open yourself up for all manners of trouble. By choosing an actual manufacturer should any problems arise in production they can help you on the spot, instead of having to wait for the tags to arrive at their store.

Another thing to consider is selection. What do they offer? Can they produce custom designs? Custom Shapes? Custom Colors? offers a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your unique needs. Custom shapes, colors and designs are never a problem and are very affordable. Click here to view their selection.

What about reordering the sorority tags when you have new members? Good luck with your reorder from Staples. We keep all customers artwork and job descriptions on file to make reorders, quick easy and accurate. This simplifies ordering badges each and every year regardless of who places the order with your sorority.

In a rush – forget it with a big company. Name-tags has one day shipping, no extra. So even if you need a last minute tag there is never a problem.

So you see it is always best to go with a officially licensed sorority name tag company.


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