Why does ordering name tags have to be difficult?

Life gets easier everyday doesn’t it? Smart phones, Video chat, Email, Streaming movies all the modern conveniences at our finger tips. We as so so smart these days, so why do companies make it so darn difficult to order their products.

Use our online name tag designer, fill out this form, jump through this hoop – what a load of carp.┬áHeck most clients have no actual idea of what type of name tags or badges are available. Do you need a metal name tag or a plastic name tag? What is the difference between a magnetic backing and a pin backing? When will my order arrive? When you need to order your name tags or badges you want that task to be an easy process.

We assume you currently have a job, and unless you are in my business that job is not designing name tags! When I go to the auto repair shop they don’t hand me the tools and say ” OK repair your car and pay us when you are through”. We feel it is our job to help you as much as possible. Some clients want minimum contact and want to do all the work – we are fine with that. We are prepared to do as little or as much as you need to make sure your name tags are produced exactly the way you want. Our preference is that you let us handle all the work., that is what you are paying for anyway.

Modern technology is fantastic, the online world is great, but sometime people and companies try so hard to make life easier, all they do is make if complicated. We make ordering name tags and badges easy – the way it should be.

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